Operation Policy for Fantastic Baseball

This game's service operation policy (hereinafter "Operation Policy") has details that users must be aware of when using the Fantastic Baseball service.

If users take the time to read the Operation Policy, it may enhance the enjoyment of the services provided by the company.

Wemade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") promises to put in maximum effort so that users can receive its services within a pleasant environment.

Anything not covered in this Operation Policy is subject to Wemade's Terms of Service.

Article 1. General Provisions

1) This Operation Policy was designed to reasonably and fairly respond to the issues that could occur during the operation of any and all services provided by Fantastic Baseball and includes the detailed rules required by the Company operating the services and the user using the services.

2) The Company can add, change, or delete details on the Operation Policy for efficient service operation. When details of the Operation Policy are added, changed, or deleted, the Company will notify this through notices.

3) This Operation Policy includes the detailed rules of service operations that are difficult to include in the Terms of Service. For damages that occur from the user not being aware of the details of this Operation Policy, it is difficult to provide help, so all users must make sure to check the Operation Policy.

4) For details that are not specified in the Operation Policy, they are processed based on the Terms of Service, relevant regulations, and through general social norms shared by the users and the Company, or standards equivalent to this.

5) The Operation Policy is applicable to all game-based services provided in the Fantastic Baseball game and the official homepage, and when necessary, the Company can provide a separate Operation Policy and service guide (Playbook) for each service. In this case, the Company will make this accessible on the official homepage or service homepage.

Article 2. User's Rights and Duties

1) The Company attempts to provide quality service to the users. However, in order for the Company to be able to provide quality service to the users, we request that users abide by a few items as follows.

2) Users must use their own information to link their accounts and use the game service. When using the service with another person's information or false information, the Company is not able to provide any help on this, and you will be excluded from various benefits that the Company provides.

3) The Company does not acknowledge sharing, lending, and cash transactions for items and accounts. For issues that occur from this (fraud, account stealing, etc.), users will not be protected by the Company.

4) Users are not allowed to copy, duplicate, change, translate, publish, broadcast, etc. the information gained from using the Company's service or provide this to other users.

5) Users must not try to interfere with the regular work of the operation team through acts including misrepresenting Company employees or operation personnel, mediation, hindrance, etc. When disturbing the work of the operation personnel or misrepresenting them, the service use of the user can be limited in accordance with the Operation Policy.

6) If users discover vulnerabilities in the game (bugs, account stealing, and illegal programs), they must report through inquiry, report notice board, etc. If the user does not report but rather abuses or shares this with another personnel, etc. this can be determined as an intentional fraudulent act and will result in restrictions.

7) Users can use customer support to submit inquiries related to the Fantastic Baseball service.

8) If users feel that they were unfairly treated or if a problem occurred during the service use process, they can use official channels such as customer support to inquire and request a modification.

9) The Company is exempt from responsibility for issues arising from the use of Fantastic Baseball in countries or regions not designated as the official service area. By using the service in violation of this, the user agrees to exempt the Company from any responsibility.

Article 3. Account Management

1) Users are solely responsible for all activities on the accounts they use.

2) If users share their personal information or accounts with others or engage in abnormal methods of transfer/sale, the Company will not acknowledge it, and users will not receive protection from the Company for any issues (fraud, account theft, etc.) arising from such actions.

3) If users attempt cash/material transactions for items or accounts, service use can be restricted without warning, and the user will be unable to receive help for issues caused by this.

4) Users must regularly change the password of their accounts to best protect their information from unjust acts such as account stealing.

5) Fraud cases are often a result of individual negligence, and providing assistance for damages incurred may be challenging. Therefore, the Company strongly advises users to exercise special caution during transactions or item transfers to avoid scams such as impersonation using similar team names or fraud leveraging familiarity.

Article 4. Recovery Standard and Inquiry

1) If 'currency (point, etc.),' 'item,' 'team,' 'player,' content-related score, etc., are lost or information is changed due to a technical error within the game, it can be recovered within the range in which data can be confirmed.

2) However, the Company is not responsible for damages that occur from user negligence, etc. as in the following examples.

① If the user has not connected their account to a partner service such as 'Google,' 'Facebook,' 'Apple,' etc., or has lost the continue code information and received damages, such as account loss

② If the user used, sold, or released an item or a player by mistake

③ If the user's play environment (network disconnection, game crash due to lack of memory, etc.) resulted in defeat or a loss of currency (point, etc.), item, scores such as Team Strength, content use count, content-related score, etc.

④ 'Fraud' often occurs due to personal negligence, thus when damages occur as a result of fraud (However, to prevent additional damages, an investigation can take place to restrict service use in accordance with the "Operation Policy" for accounts where Operation Policy violations such as fraud, etc. are confirmed. )

⑤ If damages occurred from cash or account transactions that are not acknowledged by the Company

⑥ If the user's game use is suspended in accordance with the Terms of Service and Operation Policy

⑦ If a serious problem in the game resulted in the Company temporarily suspending or restricting access to a part or the entire game

⑧ If the loss was intentionally caused by the user, or if there is the possibility of system setting violation or abuse within the game

⑨ Other cases where the Company has no reason for imputation

3) The Company supports the recovery only if the problem is recognized to have been caused by the reasons attributable to the Company.

4) Recovery request

① Users can request an appeal through the inquiry feature of customer support within the game within '7 days' of the issue occurring. However, if a user is unable to do so, the user can submit the request with the support email address designated only for Fantastic Baseball (Fantastic Baseball support email address: fantasticbaseballhelp@wemade.com).

② Requests are processed consecutively in order of time submitted, and requests submitted to customer support have first priority when being processed.

③ The request must be directly made through the account where a problem has occurred. Recovery requests submitted by another person are not acknowledged.

④ Paid items with expiration dates are recovered based on the request date.

⑤ The recovery request must abide by the above details, with recovery not being possible if the proper process is not followed or if the deadline has passed.

Article 5. Fantastic Baseball Operation Standard and Special Policy

1) The Company performs the role required to provide the best environment in which the users can enjoy the game service.

2) The operation team performs its given role from a neutral position and does not interfere with disputes between users in principle. However, for acts that violate the Operation Policy or in cases where normal service operation is considered difficult, it can review the case from a neutral perspective and take necessary measures.

3) The employees and operation team of the Company abide by the Terms of Service and this Operation Policy.

4) In accordance with the Privacy Policy and similar legislation, the Company safely handles the user's personal information. The Company, employees, and operation team of the Company do not request, modify, or disclose personal user information unless otherwise specified by this Operation Policy, Terms of Service, and cases defined by the Privacy Policy. However, if there is an official request from a judicial authority, it can be provided to such institutions.

5) The operation team responds to user inquiries and requests as kindly and quickly as possible. However, for details on future updates that are not openly disclosed within the game, or details that cannot be revealed because of the nature of the service, we will provide limited answers, or not provide a response at all.

6) The Company receives all forms of bug and error reports that could occur in the game service from users and makes an effort to check and process this.

7) For a user or multiple users that have violated this Operation Policy, the operation team can apply various restriction measures as defined by the Terms of Service and Operation Policy.

8) If an unusual phenomenon occurs inside/outside the game service, the Company can temporarily suspend part or the entire service and restrict access.

9) In accordance with relevant legislation, terms, and Operation Policy to establish a healthy game culture, protect teenage users from harmful information, and prevent the violation of rights of specific users such as defamation, etc., the operation team can edit, move, or delete user posts without prior notice, and can restrict service use if deemed necessary.

10) If it is determined that there is a violation of terms or policies, or if there is equivalent infringement, the Company can perform temporary account suspension for relevant investigations.

11) If necessary, the Company can request self-verification to protect user accounts and stabilize its game service. At this time, if self-verification is not possible, game service use will be restricted.

12) If the Company deems that the user matches the restriction standard table in Article 10, the Company can require another verification even when additional verification has been completed.

Article 6. Standards for Managing Restrictions of the Service

1) The Company prohibits users from exploiting system bugs, etc. or sharing such information with other users. Exploiting bugs can disrupt game content and normal gameplay.

2) Abusing system bugs is an act that goes against fairness between users and can result in various forms of damage, so if users are found to be abusing or sharing system bugs or problems, use of the game and services provided by Fantastic Baseball can be restricted and/or terminated without prior notice, so please take caution.

3) Acts that undermine public peace and morals can cause significant harm to other users. Therefore, service usage restrictions may be applied for the following behaviors to prevent potential harm.

① If it is for-profit advertisements or details deemed similar to advertisements

② If it is for attempts related to unauthorized cash trading, account trading, trading across servers, or trying to instigate other users

③ If the content involves severe defamation or damage to the reputation through insult towards the Company, other users, or third parties.

④ If the content involves instigating illegal copies or hacking

⑤ If the content is objectively recognized to be associated with criminal activities

⑥ If the content violates rights such as copyright, etc. of other users or a third party

⑦ If spreading false claims or causing misunderstandings for multiple users

⑧ If misrepresenting the operation team and Company employees

⑨ If decoding, decompiling, disassembling, or reverse engineering part or all of the software that the websites, apps, and smart contracts are composed of

⑩ If attempting to bypass all measures designed to prevent or limit access to parts or all of the websites, apps, or smart contracts

⑪ If bullying or threatening Company employees or those on behalf of the Company who are involved in providing part or all of the websites, apps, or smart contracts

⑫ If copying or adjusting software on the website by including Flash, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or other codes

⑬ If the user violates the continuous usage of the service websites or the usage rights of others by uploading or sending (or attempting to upload or send) viruses, trojans, or other data, excessively using capitalized texts, or spamming (posting the same text repeatedly), or edits, damages, stops, changes or interferes with the use, function, operation, or maintenance of the websites, apps, or smart contracts

⑭ If the user systematically searches for data or other content in the websites, apps, or smart contracts and directly or indirectly collects, compiles, or creates or compiles databases or directories without the Company's written permission

⑮ If the user collects the usernames of users and/or electronic mail addresses by sending unrequested electronic mails or creating user accounts via automated methods or with false information, or use the websites, apps, or smart contracts without authorization

⑯ If the user evades, deactivates, or interferes with security-related measures on the websites, apps, or smart contracts, such as measures that ban or limit the use or copying of contents or other measures that limit the use of the websites, apps, smart contracts and/or content

⑰ If the user interferes with, stops, or causes massive disturbances on the websites, apps, smart contracts, or networks or services connected to the website

⑱ Any content that violates the WEMADE Terms of Service, WEMIX Terms of Service, or other related laws

⑲ Any and all behavior that may cause a service error or damage that the Company has not intended via a method that is not part of the normal services provided by the Company

⑳ If it is determined that there is a violation of the above terms or if there is equivalent infringement intended

4) If you perform fraud (all acts to gain unfair benefits in the game by tricking the other party), this is an act that causes serious damage to another user, so this can result in various restrictions based on the Operation Policy and punishments in accordance with relevant legislation.

Article 7. Standards for Managing (Restricting) Names

Users can freely create or set all names and profile images such as team names and nicknames that are used in the service. However, if any of them are set as a name/image that disturbs others, can potentially cause social issues, or if there is a potential of them being mistaken as the operation team, the name/image can be changed or measures such as game use restriction, etc. based on Operation Policy could take place, so please take caution.

1) Name/image that disturbs others

2) Name/image that includes swearing, slang, advertisement, or suggestive and obscene content

3) Name/image that discriminates against races or genders

4) Name/image that includes details that belittle a specific person, location, group, or religion

5) Name/image that is determined to have the intention of misrepresenting the Company, service, or person related to the original work

6) Name/image that can be recognized or misunderstood as someone who operates the service, such as 'Operator,' 'Helper,' 'GM,' etc.

7) Name/image that is determined to have been created to lure unapproved cash transaction of items and accounts or with the intention of cash transaction

8) Name/image that is sociopathic or determined to have been created to glamorize a sociopathic person or organization

9) Name/image that is deemed to have the potential to infringe on the trademarks, service marks, or copyrights of third parties

10) Name/image that is determined to have advertisement purposes for specific items or websites (including non-profit websites)

11) Name/image that is judged to have the purpose of being unidentifiable or difficult to identify by others or the operation team by using non-textual special characters or symbols.

12) Even if the above conditions do not apply, a name/image that impacts game operation or the game environment is punishable.

Article 8. Standards for Managing Illegal Programs

1) Illegal program refers to programs, equipment, devices, etc. that are not provided or approved by the Company, which neutralize the technical protection device on the game or service, or were created to disturb normal operation.

2) The use of illegal programs can disrupt the normal progression of game services and undermine a fair gaming environment, causing harm to honest users.

3) The Company forbids the use, production, distribution, etc., of all illegal programs, and can pursue judicial measures depending on the seriousness of the issue.

4) If the use of illegal programs is detected or if the use of illegal programs is suspected during the game data investigation by the operations team, the account may be temporarily suspended for investigation in accordance with the Operation Policy.

5) Any damage or disadvantage arising from the use of programs not provided by the Company is the responsibility of the user.

Article 9. Standards for Managing Bot Farms

1) A bot farm refers to the organized or collective use of multiple accounts for profit or engaging in any activity where illegal programs are used to unfairly obtain items or convert them into cash.

2) If abnormal game usage persists and repetitively causes harm to honest users or disrupts order within the game, the Company may, in accordance with its Operation Policy, restrict the game usage of the relevant account.

3) If the Company suspects the following forms of bot farming, it can perform temporary account suspension for relevant investigations in accordance with the Operation Policy.

① If engaging in the organized or collective use of multiple accounts for profit with the illegal use of the game

② If multiple accounts attempted to accumulate, give/transfer/trade in-game currency or use them for profit

③ If utilizing multiple accounts from the same or adjacent IP ranges to gain unfair advantages with similar patterns

④ If multiple accounts used meaningless team names or similar team names to systematically manipulate game outcomes

⑤ If creating or using illegal game-related programs not provided or approved by the company to gain unfair advantages

Article 10. Standards for Use Restriction

1. Standards for Game Use Restriction

1) The game use restriction standard was established to protect users from acts that disturb game progress or public norms as users enjoy "Fantastic Baseball."

2) If users violate the use restriction standards specified in the Operation Policy, they can be restricted from the use of the service without prior notice.

3) All currencies, items, etc. gained through unjust means while violating the Operation Policy can be forcibly recovered or reduced.

4) If you have received use restriction measures, you can make an appeal request through the following procedure.

① You can request an appeal through the customer inquiry from [customer support] within the game. However, if a user is unable to do so, the user can submit the inquiry with the support email address designated only for Fantastic Baseball(Fantastic Baseball support email address: fantasticbaseballhelp@wemade.com).

② The appeal request must be submitted within 7 days of the use restriction being applied.

③ The appeal request is processed within 15 days of the request date.

5) The definitions of terms regarding the restriction standards are as follows.

① Permanent use restriction of the game account: Use of game account and relevant services are permanently restricted.

② Use restriction: The account with a punished team is restricted during the restriction period.

③ Forced change of team name: The team name is changed into a name set by the operation team.

6) The game use restriction standards are as follows.

① The use restriction period and method can be changed at the operation team's discretion.

② Duplicate cases can result in aggravated use restriction.

③ Even if the act is not included in the types above, use can be restricted at the operation team's objective discretion.

④ If there is a record of sanction of the highest degree, the restriction goes back to the highest level or the use restriction period can be aggravated.

※ For typical cases, the usage restriction period specified in the sanction criteria table will be applied. However, in cases that deviate from the norm, the operations team may, at its discretion, send in-game warning messages or apply different sanction periods based on the severity of the case.


TypeDetailed explanation1st2nd3rd4th
Ill-mannered behaviors
Spreading false rumors and all acts that violate public order and norms
Use restricted for 1 day
Use restricted for 3 days
Use restricted for 5 days
Use restricted for 7 days
Acts that cause disturbance such as swearing, sexual expression, swearing targeted at one's parents, advertisements, etc.
Acts that instigate hostility between users or condemn an entire group
Spamming chat or community boards
Acts that disrupt or harass other users' smooth gaming experiences
Use restricted for 15 days
Use restricted for 30 days
Acts that intentionally disturb or interfere with normal game operation by the operation team
Misrepresenting operation team and employeesImpersonating a Company associate or operation team to demand items, currencies, requesting game and personal information, or such attemptsUse restricted for 30 daysPermanent use restriction--
Use of unsound name/image (team name, etc.)Acts that violate "Article 7. Standards for Managing (Restricting) Names" within the Operation PolicyForced change 
  of name/image
Use restricted for 1 day
  Forced change 
  of name/image
Use restricted for 3 days 
  Forced change 
  of name/image
Use restricted for 7 days
  Forced change 
  of name/image
Leaking personal information
Leaking and distributing another user's personal information without consent
Permanent use restriction of the game account
 (* Consultation with judicial authorities depending on the intensity of the matter)
Advertisements irrelevant to game serviceDisturbing smooth game service of other users and operation of the game through advertisements for profit, such as product advertisement, obscene advertisement, illegal gambling, providing prizes, 
 service advertisements such as proxies for specific duties, etc.
Use restricted for 30 daysPermanent use restriction--
Attempt at fraudActs of attempted fraudUse restricted for 3 daysUse restricted for 7 daysUse restricted for 15 daysUse restricted for 30 days
FraudIntentionally deceiving and luring another user to gain unjust benefits such as items/game money, etc. within the gameUse restricted for 30 daysPermanent use restriction--
Unapproved transaction
Attempting to trade in-game content (items/currencies/players/etc.) through methods not approved by the Company or setting up such transactions
Use restricted for 3 days
Use restricted for 7 days
Use restricted for 15 days
Use restricted for 30 days
Giving your account/team to another person in exchange for cash/goods, etc., so that they grow your team (by manipulating game outcomes, etc.) on your behalf or setting up such arrangements
Trading/attempting to trade/setting up trade of game accounts or in-game teams through methods not approved by the Company
Abuse of system errors and bugs
Even after recognizing it is a bug, repetitively abusing it and seriously affecting the system, service, or game environment
Use restricted for 30 days
Permanent use restriction
Using game or service errors to affect the in-game economic system, balance and system, as well as game service
Illegal programs
Attempting to use illegal programs or using programs that were modified/remade
Permanent use restriction of the game account
 (* Consultation with judicial authorities depending on the intensity of the matter)
Using, creating, and distributing illegal programs
Altering/remaking data and programs relevant to the game that were provided by the Company
Using altered/remade programs, etc., or using them to abnormally use the game service
Distributing or spreading the altered/remade program or method of use to a specific individual or unspecified group, or setting up such acts
Bot farm
Using the game illegally to earn profit by systematically and collectively using multiple accounts
Permanent use restriction of the game account
 (* Consultation with judicial authorities depending on the intensity of the matter)
If multiple accounts are systematically using the game (manipulating game outcomes, etc.) with the same pattern (meaningless or similar team names, etc.)
If utilizing multiple accounts from the same or adjacent IP ranges to gain unfair advantages with similar patterns
If multiple accounts attempted to accumulate, give/transfer/trade in-game currencies or use them for profit
If multiple accounts moved or collected in-game currencies to a specific account
Stealing accounts
Accessing another user's account and causing damages
Permanent use restriction
Unauthorized stealing of a payment method such as third party credit card, mobile phone, etc. to pay fees related to the use of game service such as purchasing paid items, etc.
GamblingOrganizing unhealthy gambling within the game, helping with acts that promote gambling, or acts that advertise/spread/cooperate with thisUse restricted for 7 daysUse restricted for 15 daysUse restricted for 30 days-
Spreading false information and disturbing gameplay
Spreading false information or secret information that has not been posted yet to gain unfair profits or cause confusion or damage for other individuals
Use restricted for 7 days
Use restricted for 15 days
Use restricted for 30 days
Permanent use restriction
Using system instability to disturb the gameplay of another user
Extracting game service-related data
Abusing Company and open market store processes
Abusing processes provided by the Company and open market store related to registration, transaction, refund, etc. to gain unfair profits or spreading relevant abuse methods
If you perform payment retraction or refund through the open market store, your use of the game account is immediately restricted permanently
* Using one or multiple IDs for profit purposes or systematically abusing Company and open market store processes can result in judicial measures.

Article 11. Non-access Account Management Policy

1) To provide an optimized service environment and for smooth game operation, the Company may delete accounts or teams that satisfy the following.

① Accounts that do not have Fantastic Baseball service access record for 2 months or more

② If the Team Strength of the account satisfying ① above is 10,000 or below

③ If there are no transaction records for teams that satisfy both ① and ②

2) Accounts (including game information) and team names deleted in accordance with the above conditions cannot be recovered.

Article 12. Dormant Account Policy

1) To prevent your accounts from being used for unfair purposes and to provide smooth service, the Company may delete an account or separately save its data if it satisfies the following.

① A user account that has no access record for 12 months or more

② If the purchased paid item or a paid item with usable time remaining is no longer in the user account under ①

2) If classified as dormant, the account will receive a notification and undergo a guidance period of 30 days before all information of the game ID or team is deleted or separately saved. During the guidance period, the user may access the game and disable the dormant state.